Why you should never hold back your opinion

your opinion
16Aug, 2018
“Everyone should have their opinion and be able to voice it. No matter what it is. Of course, that does not mean your opinion is always right. But, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion”. – Tim McGraw
Most of them think holding an opinion could be vulnerable. It could damage their reputation, cause a down-stride to their career, could result in people getting judgemental about them. However, holding back your opinions could cause more harm than you think. 
Having an opinion could be helpful to you and your overall personality development in the ways listed below.
  1. Boosts Self-Confidence

  • Confidence is a powerful tool to have.
  • When you voice out your opinion, it boosts your self-confidence depending on how controversial the topic is. However, it requires that you stop caring about other people’s perception about you if and when you voice your opinion. For example, if you are expressing yourself in a meeting stop caring about these thoughts in your head – “What are other people going to think about this opinion”, “How are they going to react”, “Are they going to get judgemental about me”, “Are they going to share their opinions too?”.
  • While sharing an opinion aloud does instill self-confidence, you also need to have some amount of self-confidence to voice it. This way your existing self-confidence doubles itself when you express your opinion.
  • If sharing opinions does not come naturally to you, then you need to push an extra mile, come out of your comfort zone of silence to begin expressing your opinion to effectively increase your confidence.
  1. Learning Experience

  • Being entitled to an opinion does not make the opinion right. Sometimes when you aren’t sure if you have got your facts right, or if your facts aren’t contextual or relevant to the opinion you have formed, it is important to voice your opinion. It certainly won’t appear foolish, others around will give you a better clarity or might help clear your assumptions. If others have better clarity of facts, then it becomes a great learning experience for you. If they don’t, well, you had nothing to lose anyway.
  1. Could bring a change

  • The typical psychology for not expressing opinions is a belief that “their opinions will not be considered anyway”. For example, employees refrain from voicing their opinions in front of the management because they assume that their opinions will not be considered anyway. However, there is no guarantee that the employee’s opinion will be sidelined. The management might as well consider the employee’s opinion, take action on the same and that could make a difference and bring about an unexpected change. So, don’t hold back, you never know what’s coming on the way.
  1. Inspire/Motivate

  • When you are voicing your thoughts and expressing your opinion, you never know how you are inspiring/motivating the other person. For example, if you are expressing your opinion on how Mr. Narayana Murthy set up Infosys from his wife’s savings of INR 10,000 and went on to achieve a total company asset value of over 10.5 billion dollars, there might be a budding entrepreneur listening to you, or a struggling individual who needs to hear motivational stories which will make him realize that there is always light at the end of a tunnel.
The Internet is a new phenomenon, we have learned and are still learning from the internet. It provides an easy medium to express and share your opinions quickly and inexpensively. 

Yet, why is it so hard to have an opinion on the internet?

Because your opinion and your choices are written all over your profile, your timeline, your pages, your blog, everywhere. That is why in the social media your past opinions can come back and haunt you. And that is precisely why people refrain from voicing their opinion on the internet.

There is a need for a platform to voice your opinion and yet not get “judged” now and later for expressing your opinion. 
With a website like ClapRSlap, you don’t need to have the fear of getting judged, getting perceived or taunted for your ideas/opinions. Yet you get to share your questions through polls, get to know what the world thinks, post your opinion for others and not have to worry a bit about how voicing your opinion on something can change your life/career. 
This is why the tagline says - “Truly express yourself”.